A careful and caring design and crafting process
with an environmental mindset.


Design with intention.

There’s just one way for us to create and that is with intention. Behind the design of our pieces there’s an extensive process in which we combine what inspires us with what is needed, and look for a way to make it unique and functional.

We don’t want to just add a new product to our collection, the idea is that each piece would transmit our values, beliefs, and the love and care that’s behind them improving any environment they’re introduced to

This is what gives value to what we do and pushes us to continue to improve daily.


Transform how the world interacts with furniture.

We are on a mission to transform how the world interacts with furniture and home accessories through the design and crafting of pieces that are functional, unique and that have an emotional, ethic, and real value.


We work hard to be as sustainable and respectful to the environment as possible in all of our processes. Wood is a durable and natural material that allows us to craft pieces that are timeless, high quality, renewable, and long-lasting that do not contribute to the fast-furniture industry.

Each and every one of our products is prototyped, built, and produced locally in Gračanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our production is completely done by us, which gives us the opportunity to have a personal touch in each and every piece that is part of our collection and to respect and celebrate the unique work.