Bessi collection

The program is characterized by high quality of production, funcitionality, excellent appearance and very good design solutions which makes us sure that the program will find place in many furniture stores in Europe. In Jadrine, we are aware that a man is arranging his living space for up to two times in life, for this reason we want to be missionaries of the beautiful, brave dreamers who bring a touch of modern and pleasant ambience.

Avolo collection

The Avolo range was developed entirely in our company. Avolo represents a combination of solid wood used for the body of the product, lacquered MDF used for the fronts, veneered MDF used for the backs and bottoms of the drawers and metal used for the legs.

Sorano collection

Sorano is a program created in Jadrina and intended for customers who know what they want. The body is made of solid wood, the front of sandblasted solid wood, the backs of veneered MDF and the legs of powder coated metal. The metal legs are only available in black, while the wood is available in natural oak, white oak, american walnut, stained ash, natural ash and beech.

Trevi collection

Trevi is a program created by the collaboration of Jadrina and designer from England. The program is very narrow and consists only of a table and a chair. It is available in natural oak, bianco oak and american walnut. The high quality of finishing, handwork on the chair in combination with the finest materials secures a high quality perception. The timeless design of The timeless design of Trevi ensures the possibility of fitting it into almost any interior, as well as the possibility of building a concept in your home.