We are aware about the long-term sustainability of our production

We are very aware abut the long-term sustainability of our production. In this regard, Jadrina came with the following "green" solutions. Solar power planr, production of pellets for heating, afforestation as well as certificates and documents of our products with FSC, BSCI and EUTR regulation

Solar power plant

At the beginning of 2022, Jadrina completed its solar power plant projects and officially relased it into work. The power plant has a power of 750 kw and meets approx. 70% of our consumption.

Production of pellets for heating

We have been producing wooden pellets for heating, so the raw material is not thrown away, pellets represents the greenest heating of our entire environment.


Jadrina makes sure that for every tree that is cut down, at least 10 new trees are planted. We want to have forests that will clean our air in the future, as well as enough raw material for the future generations.

Certificates and documents:

Jadrina has it's compliance with quality, safety, and environmental protection requirements certified through strict  BSCI, FSC and other certifications. Please feel free to browse our certificates as below.

100 % FSC products

You will find all our FSC®-certified furniture here. FSC-certified furniture here at Jadrina indicates that all the timber comes from responsible forestry operations, i.e. forestry that takes into account people and the environment. We are constantly working to expand our range of FSC-certified furniture and looking into alternative means of producing furniture in a more environmentally positive way.

BSCI certificate

The BSCI system (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is a special system designed by the Foreign Trade Association. This system was designed based on labor and labor safety standards prepared by the International Labor Organization (ILO). Its aim is to encourage the continuous improvement of the social performance of enterprises in the supply chain. This is to support sustainable working conditions worldwide.

EUTR regulation

The EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation) has been in force since 2013. It is a EU-wide regulation (which is replicated in the UK since Brexit, UKTR) that also has international implications. The aim of the EUTR is to prevent illegal logging worldwide. The EUTR stands alongside other regulations, such as the US Lacey Act, which pursues similar goals to the EUTR, with significantly higher penalties, however.